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As we insulate houses and buildings with cavity walls, double glass, stone- and glass wool, one detail remains sadly ignored: the letterbox. A letterbox is an accepted heat leak and a source of waste. Unfairly. Start-up company Trim Trading took up this challenge and asked Promea to design an affordable letterbox with serious sealing and thermic insulation without any concession to ease of use. Behind the seamless brushed aluminium front, rubber seals and foam inlays are carefully integrated. Experts have confirmed the high claims of its physical characteristics. The fluorescent green torsion hinges on all four corners provide a subtle but unmistakable sustainable identity to the world´s first insulated letterbox!

Client Trim Trading
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We have a sustainable farm with a heat pump. However, our letterbox turned out to be a serious leak. Because of Eastern winds the temperature in the hallway never exceeded 16 degrees C. The installation of the Homebox took place right in the coldest period of winter. There is simply no airflow anymore. Both flaps are lightly pushed into their seals. Very well thought out. We are very happy with our improvement to our sustainable farmhouse.

Wim Schermer
private habitant of a sustainable farm
the Netherlands

A very beautiful and well designed product with a lot of opportunities now the gas tap is being shut off at an accelerated speed.

Peter Kuin
Founder and CEO
Kuin Woodworks
Hoogwoud, the Netherlands

Thank you so much for the delivery of the Homebox. We have installed it and it looks beautifull.

ir. Hans Götz
GVB Architecten B.V.
Leiden, the Netherlands