Quickstep walking Aid

The quickstep a walking aid reinvented. Walking aids, or crutches are often noisy, difficult to adjust and hard to store. Commissioned by Arbin Care Products we came up with the idea of an attractive curved design. It cleared the way for real added value. Walking aids usually offer some adjustable lengths, but now it becomes fully retractable up to a very small package! The radius is chosen to perfectly meet the anthropometrics of the user. On top of that the product is equipped with a memory mechanism that makes sliding in and out actually applicable, simple and useful for people who really depend on it every day. Promea did all design, precision engineering and prototyping and helped sourcing of suppliers. The design was patented and awarded for its elegance.

Client Arbin Care Products
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Good Industrial Design 2009 

I have had a Quickstep forearm crutch for 3 years. It is an outstanding product. with a great design that really works. I have MS and must use a walking aid. I am an Architect in Seattle and I have had a life long interest in Design. You deserve recognition for such a well thought out design.

Warren Pollock
Architect and Managing Director of
METRICA Architects LLP
Seattle, USA

So this is the Quickstep portable crutch which has won a bunch of design awards as it should because it is kind of genious. You can not beat it in terms of portability and convenience for the active question using lifestyle.

Josh Sundquist
Paralympic ski racer
Motivational speaker
Advocate for persons with amputations
Santa Monica, California, USA