SLA_K Charging Pole

Promea and Kees van Bergen met in 2014 on an e-mobility event. Impressed by Van Bergen’s ambitions Promea suggested to redesign the charging poles to help the company with a better proposition. As part of the kick off of the project we went as far as studying in detail new regulations on calibration, security and installation of charging infrastructure. The result was the slimmest dual charging pole to date with a  radical reduction on assembly and installation costs. Promea also designed a dedicated double cylinder lock for the occasion seamlessly matching the shape of the column. The elegant design in curved steel was a major step for the client into national and foreign markets. (see also wall charger WG)

Client Ecotap
Links Ecotap

We didn’t want our new designs just to be good looking but also easier to assemble, to install and to maintain too. The result was all of that and more than we hoped for.

Peter van der Putten
CTO, Owner
Ecotap B.V.
Boxtel, the Netherlands

Our technology and our business model was already innovative at the time when we met designer Albert-Jan van Dijk. He helped us to take it from there and build further with the one thing that was missing: High quality industrial design and a visual identity of care and attention to detail. It was a crucial step towards growth and the strong market position we are in today.

Kees van Bergen
CEO, Owner
Ecotap B.V.
Boxtel, the Netherlands